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Apple Inc iPhone Most Popular Among Teens: Gene Munster

Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) products are still a hot commodity among the teens, reports MacRumors. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster’s latest teen survey shows that 69% of teens owned iPhones; the stats are up from 67% in the Fall 2015 survey. Moreover, 75% of the teens surveyed stated that their next device was going to be an iPhone; the stat reflects a 1% increase from last year.

Understandably, the survey showed that smartwatches are not as popular among the teenagers as smartphones are. Of the 12% of teens who own a smartwatch, 71% use the Apple Watch. Also, only 10% of teens asked said they were interested to buy a smartwatch; this number stood at 8% a year ago.

The most preferred smartwatch with teens was the Fitbit. 72% of teens listed Fitbit as their most preferred smartwatch brand while, Nike came in at second place with 12% (down from 24% last year). The interest in the Apple Watch stood at a meager 6%. Subsequently, the teenagers are interested in wearable tech with 22% females and 18% males stating they own a fitness tracker, up from 14 and 12% last year.

Lastly, looking at tablet rates, the teens are losing interest in tablets as much as the world is. The 59% of the teens own a tablet, down from 61% last year. Furthermore, only 13% tablet-less users plan to buy one in the next six months. Out of all, 64% teens own an iPad—the most popular of all the tablets.

The launch of the iPad Pro 12.9” and 9.7” may signal a new-found interest in teens for the new device. Moreover, 63% of the 13% non-tablet owners said they plan to buy an iPad; the figure stood at 58% last year.

In any case, the popularity of Apple’s devices is strong. In a world where fashion statements and fitting in matters, having an Apple devices helps you fit in. Moreover, when all of your friends are on the same messaging platform as iMessage then the peer pressure to get the device increases.

While the data does not specifically tell what devices these teens are using, Apple’s iPhones are a living testament that a phone as old as the iPhone 5s can still function without hiccups. While smartphones are the bread and butter for teens, the disinterest in the Apple Watch shows that the iPhone maker has to do something to fix that. There is no doubt that these teens will stay in the Apple ecosystem for a long time, as this is the only experience they are used to. However, it’s Fitbit that has a more interesting appeal than the Apple Watch.

Apple is also expected to release another iteration of the Apple Watch in June. However, this new variant may be a “S” variant while another model may make an appearance in 2017. Apple has to make sure it adds some novel and new features that catches the interest of the teens. While the data showed to us does not divulge into more specific details such as family income statuses and other details to give a more comprehensive look.Apple is expected to release the iPhone 7 in September with new features such as the removal of the headphone jack for a lightning connector audio port. Among other features, the release of a novel Apple item will force teens to ask their parents for new phones, which should help Apple receive growth in the segment.

Editing by Sarah Janjua; Graphics by Mansoor Shafqat

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